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Please complete and submit the form below to get your listing

Please note: Our web page listing local businesses lists businesses of all types - shops, pubs, restaurants, cafés, take-aways, tradesmen, professional and other services, but NOT holiday accommodation - there are already pages on the website for self-catering and serviced holiday accommodation (if you have a holiday accommodation business but don't already advertise on please contact us for details - click here for mail form). The new Local Biz page is already on the website - click here to see it .

Businesses listed must be located/based in Polperro or within 3 miles of the village.

Limited offer!: For applications received from 1 October 2011 to 31 December 2011 the cost of a listing will be £25 + VAT for the first 12 months (the price for new applicants after 31 December 2011 will be £60 + VAT).

Each individual listing will be based around a photo (size 240 pixels wide x 180 pixels high). Send us a suitable photo at this or a higher resolution. In the case of shops, restaurants, pubs etc the photo could be of the shopfront, shop window, an interior view, or a photo of the product being sold. It would be nice to have some photos showing the shop owner, chef or whoever, in or in front of the shop, restaurant etc. As an alternative to a photo the same space could feature your business logo if you have one.

As an extra, your listing can include a large photo which can be clicked out from the small one in the listing - this extra facility will cost an additional £30 + VAT (one time charge - no extra cost in following years). If you would like a click-out large photo please say so when you complete the form below and be sure to send us a photo of at least 1200 pixels wide.

There will be room in the listing for very brief details of the business + contact information (telephone number, email address and website address (if you have your own website). The registration form (below) allows for up to 140 characters of text but we may have to shorten or edit the text to fit the listing.

We may introduce a homepage promo for the Local Businesses page to help ensure that visitors to the website are aware of the page and to encourage them to take the link - if you would like your business to be one of those featured in this homepage promo (which will probably take the form of a rolling slide show), please indicate accordingly on the form below. There will be an extra charge for this (£50 + VAT for 12 months) which will be invoiced to you when the homepage promo is launched.

We reserve the right to decline to include a listing if we feel it does not fit the above criteria or would otherwise be inappropriate.

Section A - Your name and address:

Name of business
Your name:  
First name/forename:
Family name (Surname):
Postal address of business for correspondence etc:
Property number or name:
Street or road:
Post code:
Please note: Other than your business name, the above information will NOT appear in your listing (unless you request your postal address to be included - see question below).

(These days we tend to assume every business has an email address and most have their own website - but if you don't have an email address and so cannot submit this form online you can contact us by telephone: 07710 730 450 to request your listing)

Section B - Your listing:

Please enter in this box the text you would like in your listing (max of 140 characters and spaces) : Please note that it may not be possible to include all of this text in your listing - we will edit it as appropriate

Please email us a suitable photo (photo will be used at 240 pixels wide x 180 pixels high - please do not send photos wider than 1200 pixels) - Click here for mail form (send us the photo you wish to appear in your listing as an attachment to an email and please remember to identify yourself in the email and, if necessary, explain anything about the photo such as who is in it, so we understand how to use it and which listing it relates to)

Please enter your e-mail address in this box so we can reply to you  

Please double-check this is correct - if not our reply will not get to you!
(No e-mail address - no reply!)
Do you have your own website for your business? If so enter the full url (web address) starting with http:// )

If you do not have your own website do you wish enquiries to come to your email address?

Please double-check this is correct - if not enquiries will not get to you!

If you wish enquiries to come to your telephone number please enter it here

enter telephone number
Do you want your postal address to appear in the listing?

check this box if you want your address in your listing

Section C - Other information:


How did you hear about our business listings?

Do you wish to have a large photo which clicks out from your listing? (there will be a one-time charge of £30 + VAT for this additional facility)

check this box if you want a click out large photo
Do you wish to be included in the "slideshow" promo on the website's homepage? (there will be a charge of £50 + VAT per annum for this - only available with a business page listing, but please note that we do accept banner-ads on our homepage and other pages, please contact us for details and prices)

check this box if you want to be included in the homepage "slideshow" promo
If you don't have an easily memorable email address we can let you have one - e.g.

check this box if you would like an email address
Do you wish to make any comments, ask any questions or add any information?


Please check that you've answered all the questions.
Incomplete form = no listing!

If you are happy with your entries, click on the "Submit your listing " button below.
If not, you can click "reset" and start again.

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This version: 5 October 2011