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Foot Note To Lansallos Church Fire

Sadly the four youths ( who of course cannot be named for legal reasons) who set fire to the church, have avoided prosecution, but then in this enlightened age, of “ human rights ” and trendy liberals who always have an excuse for yobbish behaviour, should we be surprised ?

Despite the efforts of the police in taking statements and collecting forensic evidence, no prosecution has been proceeded with. Allegedly, intent cannot be proved nor which one actually struck the match that started the fire. But to a simple ex tanker man, if you throw lighted matches onto rags soaked in flammable liquid, there is only one intention and one logical outcome, sadly the damage to the church is proof of that.

Whilst this is the worst piece of vandalism this quartet have indulged in, sadly for the village it is not the only one. Shortly after setting fire to the church, the eldest lad, a 16 year old, was arrested for breaking into a car and causing damage, stealing money from slot machines, keys for houses, and general anti-social behaviour, again he was not prosecuted, but given a flat by social services, which allowed him to continue to steal motorbikes, scooters, more money and anything else that took his fancy. The amount of police time and resources that have been wasted is a scandal. When he is arrested he is let out on unconditional bail to continue his vandalism. Sadly, this also does nothing to discourage the younger lads from following him, and encourages them to further mindless acts of vandalism and general anti-social behaviour. At least one of the quartet is know to have been boasting at school about getting away with “torching the church“.

At long last some sense has finally prevailed and the leader is no longer in this area. Long may it stay that way.

Sadly a beautiful medieval church , that has survived a civil war and two world wars, is left very badly damaged by four local morons. A sad comment on the “ new Britain ” that we live in, and being “ tough on crime and the causes of crime ” . Tony White

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