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Polperrofest logoThe next Polperro Arts Festival will be in 2012 on 16th - 24th June.
More information about the festival and about Polperro's christmas lights and fireworks can be found on the Polperrofest website

Polperro Arts Foundation is the gallery and studio for the local artists and craftspeople of Polperro and the surrounding area. Visit their website - click here

Polperro Environmental Group logoPolperro Environmental Group (PEG) is a collective and creative group moving towards a low-energy, resilient and self-sustaining community using local skills, knowledge, wisdom and alternative technologies. The group supports the Transition Movement in the UK and is working towards becoming a Transition Village in the future.
Visit the PEG website

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Looe is about 5 miles east of Polperro - its two parts - East and West Looe - stand either side of the Looe river. Looe is a town compared to Polperro as a large village. Looe is brasher than its smaller neighbour but both share problems of car parking and narrow winding streets. Although built up dizzying slopes like Polperro, Looe is more open, whilst Polperro lies in its snaking valley almost secretly. Looe's community website is our sister website (as is Talland). As yet it does not have the same extent of material on it - but key bodies such as the Looe Town Trust are now getting actively involved so the rate of development is set to increase.

Click on its url to take the link - www.looe.org

Polruan village website

Polruan is about 7 miles to the west of Polperro, at the mouth of the River Fowey (Fowey is on the western bank of the River Fowey, immediately opposite Polruan. Other than Lansallos, which is little more than a hamlet, Polruan is the first place to the west. It occupies a stunning position, some of its houses loking out to sea, but most looking across or along the estuary of the River Fowey. Polruan can be reached by car from Polperro or, more spectacularly, by walking the coastal path. You can cross to Fowey by passenger ferry but do your homework before you go to Polruan or cross to Fowey as public transport to make the return journey is very limited.

Click on the url of the village's website to take the link - www.polruan.org.uk

Rame Peninsula community website

The Rame Peninsula is the part of Cornwall closest to Plymouth, but because it is separated by the Tamar estuary and is only directly accessible via ferries, it is one of the least widely known parts of the county - most motorists rush over the Tamar bridge and down into deeper Cornwall. Which is a pity, because it is a most interesting and attractive area whose delights are well covered by its community website. Rame Head can be seen from the cliffs at Polperro jutting out to sea with, in good visibility, Devon glimpsed beyond.

Click on the url of the Rame Peninsula's website to take the link - www.rame.org.uk

The Rame Peninsula area also has another local website, run by the local Traders' Association, which has interesting material on it for visitors/tourists - www.crabpot.co.uk

Talland Bay

Talland Bay lies between Looe and Polperro. It is an exceptionally beautiful part of south-east Cornwall's coast and, with the exception of a couple of caravan sites which wouldn't get the smell of planning permissions these days, and a glimpse of the overspill development of "Greater Polperro", it is practically unspoilt. Apart from the bay itself and its beaches, its principal asset is the wonderfully sited ancient church of celtic origin.

Find out more on our other sister website - www.talland.org


Tintagel is in King Arthur country on the north coast of Cornwall - the coastline here is wilder and more dramatic than the south coast where Polperro lies. The Tintagel website covers not only the village of Tintagel but other nearby places such as Boscastle and Camelford. All these places make an interesting day out from Polperro and, of course, in reverse - if you are staying in the Tintagel area, a good place to visit is Polperro!

To visit the Tintagel website - www.tintagelweb.co.uk - click here

Directory of local websites: Search-South

Search-South is a directory of local websites in the south of England and may have a different selection of interesting places to visit. Just click on their logo.


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TravelBritain.com is a US based website/search engine which enables people to plan holiday trips to the UK. Just click on the banner to go there.



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