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Currently there are no boats working out of Polperro that are available for half or full day fishing trips, (Looe is the nearest port where you can charter a boat), but starting this year (2005), 'Ollie' Puckey is offering 2 hour mackerel trips, morning and evening, on his boat 'Smuggler'. Information is available from Jackie, who can be found 'calling' for the half hour boat trips by the Blue Peter,or from the Post Office notice board.

Fishing is very popular with visitors and locals alike and there is some very good sport from the rocks on either side of the harbour at Polperro. Probably the best area’s are below the light to the east of the entrance, and down by the swimming pool at half tide to the west. Float fishing is advisable if you are on the rocks between the out pier and the light, unless you are experienced at spinning and is the least expensive on gear due to the rocky nature of the bottom, which also has some weed; you need much heavier gear and some experience to fish the bottom.

About two and a half hours either side of high water offers good fishing from the outer pier. This is a popular and safe spot, especially if you have children. The bottom here is much flatter and sandy, so both float and spinning are good.

Main Species - Wrasse, Mackerel, Garfish, Bass, Pollack, Scad, Dogfish and Conger.

Grey Mullet can sometimes be caught in the harbour. A friend was known to fish very successfully out of his lounge window, from the comfort of his arm chair, with a pint and his pipe!!

Bait - Sandeel, Mackerel, Squid, Ragworm, Lugworm, Peeler or soft backed crab.

Children can have hours of fun catching small crabs from the safety of the harbour quays. If you catch any, keep them in a bucket of water and put them back when you finish.

If you are not experienced at sea fishing off the rocks, then care should be taken and the tide tables consulted before going. Remember that the incoming swell can be deceptive and catch out the unwary. Be aware of the incoming tide and don’t fish from a spot where you can be cut off. Always wear suitable footwear. Always let someone know where you are going and when you expect to return.

The RSPCA have recently reported an increase in the number of calls that they have received to administer to sea birds that have been fouled by lines and hooks, some of which have come from anglers. Whenever possible, please take away any broken tackle for safe disposal.

Enjoy your fishing.

Tony Whte
April 2005

Swimming Pool Area